Back to School Kit for Student |




A complete Hamper for your child

This Back to School Kit contains

  1. Magic Bus pencil box with wheels
  2. Glass water bottle with Cover “My Bottle”
  3. Plantable Back to School Notebook
  4. Plantable Pen(2pc)
  5. Plantable Newspaper Pencil (2pc)
  6. Plantable Black Pencil(2pc)
  7. School Clay
  8. Crayon Set
  9. Cartoon Sticker(1pc)
  10. Small Project Sequins Stickers(3pc)
  11. Colorful Cello Tapes(3pcs small)
  12. Doms 15cm Scale(1pcs)
  13. A small scissor

All packed in a Wooden Basket with cute packaging which kids won’t resist using.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 18 × 14 × 8 cm


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